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Payment Method

You drive to one of the locations shown on the LibertyX website and pay cash. They give you a paper with a code and you use this code to get your Bitcoin on the website


LibertyX charges a 1% fee on all Bitcoin purchased.


  • Verify Phone = $200 a day
  • Verify Identity = $1000 a day


Giving any phone number and verifying this is a real phone number will get you the $200 a day limit. Full verification means giving your name, address, and date of birth. They check this information against a national database and if they cannot confirm you are a real person they may ask for a copy of your driver’s license. Then you will be given the $1000 a day limit.

Bottom Line Review

LibertyX is incredibly easy to use. The fee of 1% is more than reasonable and the verification process is super simple. Most only have to give their name, address, date of birth and a working phone number. You can then buy $1000 a day in a super simple way.


You cannot get more than $1000 a day no matter what you do. I don’t understand why they can’t do more since this is cash and there is no possible way they could get screwed. I am hopeful they will raise to $2000 a day in the near future. Bigger guys again will be directed to Coinbase or CEX.io.