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Payment Method

Accepts any US issued debit card with Visa or Mastercard logo.


Circle.com says there is no fee when buying via debit card. In reality their Bitcoin price is jacked up so in reality the fee is about 1%.


  • To Start = $300 a week
  • Verified = $3000 a week
  • There is no way to be raised above this


Send them a copy of your driver’s license and a selfie with yourself holding your debit card.

Bottom Line Review

Circle.com seems like the best option of any company out there. Everyone in America has a debit card. The fees are low if even it is 1%. You can get $300 a week super easy with barely any work. Raising to $3000 a week is not super intrusive either. Once I hear more from your experiences I could revise this review but from what I know of now this is an excellent option for buying Bitcoin.


You cannot get more than $3000 a week no matter what you do. I can understand why they do this but for the larger guys this will drive you to Coinbase or CEX.io.